Wednesday, 13 January 2016

No Child Should Be Made A Victim Of Any Crime

The birth of a child brings to the home not only cheer, joy and fortunes but, also responsibilities and discipline. The entire home begins to revolve around the child sometimes to make it laugh, sometimes to hear it giggle and most times to stop it from crying. Every littlest of little move of the child is seen and enjoyed in wonder for a child can never be anything less than a miracle. Soon as time passes, the family begins to instill values and discipline to the child. They try their hardest to prepare him for his next level of living- Schooling. 

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Attempts are made to make the child comfortable with strangers and their kids. Daily greetings and gestures are taught to enhance his chances of getting admission in the school desired appropriate by the parents. Basically, a lot of efforts and time are put to condition the child to ways of living that our taught to us by our ancestors. Traditions and values are passed over to through the years just to bring up the child as a responsible and sensible adult. Schooling not only educates the child rational and clear thinking; but, only through schooling is one able to learn the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong. However, despite all this, sometimes a tragedy or being more clear, a mis-happening, which can be in the form of any ill deed against the child do get exercised upon the child; and despite the child being very educated to handle the worst he falls prey to them. Child trafficking is one such nightmare.

In such circumstances, it thus becomes very crucial for the parents and the school authorities to install proper safety measures inside and outside the child, as well as when the child travels to and from the school. One can install nth number of CCTV cameras around and near the school, inside the school bus, but, one really can’t be sure as to what or who the child encounters when he or she gets off the bus. With the world becoming more complex and busier, buses do get late because of traffic. Parents also become late sometimes or simply aren’t able to judge the amount of time their child’s school bus will take to drop their child home and similarly, not every school bus will wait for a guardian to come and receive the child. A few schools have the policy of not dropping off the kid in circumstances when no family member has come to receive the child. However, such a policy does not seem to work in the case of older children. Also, it is not so that older children don’t become victim of such crimes. The crimes committed on children are definitely not dependent on the age of the child; they are committed irrespective of the child’s age. Thus, it becomes equally imperative for the parents to devise a solution to reduce the chances of their child getting victimized on the cost of the whims & fancies of an adult. 

With this noble cause in mind, Javin, a Tech Company has come up with an excellent product- eSchool travel that aspires to enhance child protection through GPS tracking of the children’s school buses.  The eSchool travel mobile app creates a virtual mechanism where the GPS of the school bus driver’s mobile phone can be accessed to gather the real time location of the bus which will in turn be shared to the parent and can thus, serve as a guiding measure for parents to judge where their child has reached. The application will provide configured alerts about the whereabouts of the bus with respect to the previous bus stop and suitably, the parents can comprehend the time that will be needed for the bus to reach their bus stop. They can track and monitor the bus as it goes around their city picking and dropping students. I think this mobile application is a must for very responsible parent and they should download it from the Google play store.